RUSSOFT - Russian Software Developers Association
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12 Benefits of joining RUSSOFT Association

1. Web-site

The information about your company will be published on the web-site of the Association. You may place the RUSSOFT logo on your site and declare that your company is a member of the RUSSOFT Association. Thus you will get an excellent marketing tool as the RUSSOFT brand is well-known in Russia and abroad.

2. Discounts on participation to conferences and exhibitions

Your company will receive discounts on participation in all the events organized by the Association and its official marketing agency Fort-Ross, sometimes in collaboration with other companies. During the year RUSSOFT holds or supports and takes part in about 15 various events. Discounts may vary from 5% to 20%.

3. Data exchange

You will get access to nonpublic information of the Association. This includes news, invitations to different events, references to interesting resources and business leads applying to Association with inquiries. You will communicate with all the members of the Association by inner mail distribution.

4. Marketing opportunities in the Internet

You will have a right to place information about your company on and You will have discounts on placing information on other portals and also in catalogues published by the Association or by Fort-Ross.

5. Quality Assurance

RUSSOFT is the founder of the Russian Federation Quality Assurance Institute Chapter. Joining the Association you become a member of the Russian QAI Chapter. Membership in it will enable you to communicate with heads of Quality Assurance departments at other IT companies, to participate in trainings on quality assurance and project management organized by the Russian QAI Chapter with the support of Russia IFC/ICT Connector Project (to compare, for an exterior company a membership in the Russia QAI Chapter costs $300 per year).

6. Club

You will have a right to take part in the Board of Directors monthly meetings. At the meetings not only dealing with current issues is important but also informal relationships between colleagues. The meetings take place in the central office of RUSSOFT in St. Petersburg or in Moscow. The Association also organizes parties for its members on occasions of high-days and holidays.

7. Foreign delegations

The Association informs you about business delegations from foreign countries or visits of foreign companies. It is possible to take part in the business meeting or to invite a delegation to your office.

8. Investments banking

The Association helps to attract investments to its member companies. RUSSOFT has long-term contracts with Russian State Investment Funds, Venture Financing Funds, banks, etc.

9. Associated membership in APKIT

Being a memberp of RUSSOFT you will automatically become an associated member of a non-profit Information & Computer Technologies Industry Association (APKIT). Concerns and interests of your companies will be represented in the Government as APKIT assists IT companies' development and favors building civilized market relations in Russia.

10. Discounts on buying license software

The Association has reliable relationships with world leading software companies which will allow you to buy license software at cut rates. The size of a discount depends on total volume of all the orders of the Association.

11. Participating in international collaboration projects

RUSSOFT takes an active part in different programs and projects on international collaboration. Being a member of RUSSOFT you will get involved in these projects and will have a unique opportunity of establishing mutually beneficial relationships with foreign companies.

12. Marketing

Fort-Ross marketing agency will assist you in finding partners and orders, market research, PR and organizing events. Members of the Association have a 30% discount on all the services provided by Fort-Ross.