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Client Testimonials

It’s best to judge about Russian outsourcing strength and potential by listening to what those who have worked with Russian companies say. Find out what leading companies’ representatives say about their experience of partnering with Russians.

"If you are speaking with a Russian who is an IT specialist, this means that he has received one of the best world-class educations in this field. This also means that he has read an incredible amount of American literature on computer technology; therefore, practically no language problems will arise. All of the Russian IT enterprises with which I’ve been associated have employees who can speak and write wonderfully in English. There was one project, in which I was involved, that was proceeding according to the wishes of the client. Endless and (almost) daily telephone conversations between Copenhagen and St. Petersburg were carried on in English. The average Russian you may meet on the street doesn’t speak English well at all. The difference is that when you speak with IT professionals, you are talking with exactly the segment of the population that has received the highest level of education."

Sten Falling

"For large firms, like Deutsche Bank, the key is, to use a British expression, 'horses for courses.' It's important to think about what you're trying to get done. If it's maintenance for COBOL or FORTRAN, you're better off trying to get that done in India. In Russia, developers won't be very happy to do that kind of work. In Russia, it would be better if your work were more interesting and you were trying to push the technology envelope so that people can try out new ideas"

"The Russian education system is modeled on the Western system and is based on a model of theory and philosophy; a programmer likes to get deep into philosophy and principles of a system."

Daniel Marovitz
Deutsche Bank

"I have always had great respect for Russia’s prowess in technology. In my assessment, Russia has the greatest software engineering minds in the world."

Jeff Lunsford
"[The Russians] are extremely professional in their approach, starting with a thorough needs analysis from the perspective of what problem we were trying to solve... they understood our business needs so well, they came up with things we had never even thought about."

Mike Zwerner

"Russians are not just talented, I found them well-organized, properly managed and mature. They fit smoothly into the huge project I've run bringing 40+ engineers in three month to the completely new technology area. The team fit into the multinational project without extra supervision needed. No extra managers were assigned, no extra costs were paid. Finally, the team brings us good production quality code that satisfies all quality measures. This was definitely the team that I would work with again. And I do."

Joe Carsanaro,
formerly of Motorola

"Russians learn languages at an early age. It comes a surprise to learn that the person you are speaking to has never left Russia but speaks your language like someone who has lived abroad for a worthwhile period.

The Russian education system turns out high caliber graduates who are keen to apply their skills and improve their standard of living. They are motivated and do not need constant supervision. They are innovative and commercially minded.

Russia is welcoming and doing business there is not as bureaucratic or complicated as the media often implies and some of her cities are world heritage sites making business trips a pleasure. All in all a good place to look if you are thinking of outsourcing software development."

John G O’Brien
MiS Logistic Limited

"I have been doing software development for over 30 years now at both large companies (like IBM) and startups, and have never experienced a smoother engagement. This is easily the most successful offshore development project I have ever run. It was negotiated, signed and staffed with more than 20 qualified engineers in less than 60 days. Significant development milestones were completed in just a few weeks and all joint development projects are being efficiently tracked and are on schedule. I am extremely pleased with our partnership."

Jack Blount,
"I have had great experiences working with Russian software development companies. In my assessment, Russia ahs the greatest software engineering minds in the world."

Jeff Lunsford,

"The Russian culture [and work ethic] is close to the US. The Russians will work longer hours without complaining. [They understand that] nothing's guaranteed. They want to overachieve. They want to debate. They want to understand why. They are quite compatible with American clients. When you spend the time to build the right relationship, the performance is outstanding."

Alan Guthrie,